Reviews From Our Alumni and Parents

Our alumni and parents share their experience at Elk River Treatment Program

Yaron - Parent of 2015 Graduate

"My child spent over a year in this most phenomenal program. It completely changed his life. He was a mess when he joined. We made sure that us as parents, worked closely with the camp on changing the way we were operating as a family, as we needed to be an integrated part of the program in order to make it a success. We were extremely fortunate, as the staff at ELK River is so experienced, professional and most responsible and compassionate. The program must be tough in order to succeed. It was frightening to us as parents, but we decided to trust the camp explicitly and it worked. Our child ended up in a top university with a scholarship, happy and secure. His amazing turnaround would had never come about without the fortunate choice of choosing ELK River. 

We owe our lives to them. We only hope that other families with similar situations will be lucky enough to end up there. Recalling the many touching moments at the camp, remembering the many kids who were in terrible distress and the way the camp is working with them brings tears to my eyes each and every time (now two years ago). Thank you, ELKRiver." - December 2017

Jennifer - 2014 Program Graduate

"My whole experience at Elk River has absolutely changed my life. It's crazy to think about how much I hated that place at the time and now to realize how much I miss it every day. Mr. Lovell told me I would miss it but I never believed that. I'm still seeing my therapist that I had before I went to Elk River, I have an amazing relationship with all of my parents and the rest of my family, and I'm just all around a happier person. I still use a lot of the tools that I learned at Elk River in my everyday life. I've always known that my calling in life was to help people but after going through the program, I've decided that I want to work in residential treatment similar to Elk River." - March 2016

Mason - 2015 Resident

"I found some new friends that are happier and think more positively and I'm building up better relationships. I miss it there so much and I want to come back but I don't really need to. I just love how much easier life is there. All of you were completely right. Life is hard and it is easy there.Thank you for all the help you all gave me and for all the emails you've sent. They really do help." - December 2015

Tricia - Daughter Completed Program March 2015

"Thank you again for the kindness you have shown to our daughter and all our family. You were a comforting presence in a time of great anguish and uncertainty and for that we will be forever grateful. The many families you have helped, and treated with sensitivity and respect, are fortunate indeed to have found their way to you. You made all the difference. Thank you." - September 2015

Debi - Daughter Completed Program April 2015

"We know that each day is a battle but seeing her transform herself is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for helping us start this journey. It has been a long road and one that we will be on for a lifetime; however, we feel we are better prepared to support our daughter along the way." - September 2015

Nancy - Son Completed Program March 2015

"He really is hanging in there. With the ADHD and deep voice we are still working on tact and tone. No surprise? He returned a twenty dollar bill accidentally given to him by a cashier at WalMart this week. When the clerk mentioned that return being unusual, he stopped the whole line in order to explain that he used to steal, but is now honest. Sorry the cameras were not rolling, as it would have been a great commercial for Elk River."  - June 2015

Blake - Resident at Elk River

"I really don’t know what I would do without this place, honestly. I would probably be dead now because where I was going, I didn’t stop. This place (Elk River Treatment Program) has taught me that you do not have to be scared anymore. I have seen so many people come through here and be successful. It is encouraging and it helps me know that I can do it."

Tevvy - Former Resident

"This place is really different. They really care and they teach you structure. A routine really, really helps more than people would think. I definitely recommend Elk River to any parent that is even thinking about getting help for their child."

Alice - Mother of Elk River Resident

"Our daughter had experienced a childhood trauma that might have never been revealed if she hadn’t been at Elk River. Our family was able to process the information and start the healing process before she returned home. Even after Elk River, she continues counseling and is doig very well. The Family Workshop helped our family to experience what she was experiencing."

Tracy F. - Mother of Elk River Resident

"My daughter’s father and I are divorced. We were able to re-establish our relationship as parents while Abbey was in treatment. With the help of Elk River, we learned better co-parenting skills: consistency and boundaries. We still use them today."

Rob A. - Resident at Elk River

"I have been at peace ever since I left Elk River. I miss you all dearly and I thank everyone for being that extra motivating hand to help on the straight and narrow path."

Trey M. - Father of Elk River Resident

"We were desperate when we made the decision to admit our son who was in college across the country. He was depressed, anxious and abusing alcohol and drugs. Now he’s at Auburn with a 4.0, studying abroad and doing great. We credit Elk River for his success."

Kathleen M. - Mother of Elk River Graduate

"You are all miracle workers! Elaina is thriving! She is in a very challenging program but in spite of periodic moments of uncertainty, she is all in all demonstrating a MAJORLY successful application of the coping skills she learned at Elk River. She is doing an excellent job of expressing her thoughts and feelings and asking for extra help in her classes, and going to staff appropriately for support when needed."

Andrew - Elk River Resident

"I know you all say it was my choice to change, but being around people as amazing as you all helped so much. Thank you so much!"

C. K. - Mother of Elk River Resident

"After finishing Elk River, our son continued with his online school and graduated. He works full time, lives at home, is respectful - a delight. He has a good relationship with our family. Elk River provided BIG changes in our son and our family. We have very fond memories."

Lucie - Elk River Resident

"I can’t explain to you all how thankful I am. I believe that my life will be full of happiness and trust now. Thank you for believing in me!"

Lily - Elk River Resident

"I really do miss Elk River more so than not. The support I had was amazing. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you."