Elk River Teen Treatment Program

A Targeted Medical Approach to Treating Trauma

Announcing new 90 day program utilizing innovative medical advances

Stellate Ganglion Blocks, Ketamine & Hyperbarics: A triple threat to trauma

The Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is a well tolerated procedure for the treatment of severe trauma and the resulting symptoms/disorders that can develop from the trauma: PTSD, avoidance, self-destructive coping, severe anxiety, depression, hyper-vigilance, over-reactivity. The results of the SGB are immediate and long-lasting.

The SGB is a procedure in which an injection of a long-acting local anesthetic, using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance, is made in the right side of the neck around the main nerve that controls the fight or flight response (the sympathetic nervous system). This nerve, (the cervical sympathetic chain), which is a two-way conduit, connects the parts of the brain that control the fight-or-flight response (referred to as the central autonomic network) to the rest of the body. By blocking or turning off the traffic in the cervical sympathetic chain, it is believed that the parts of the brain that control the fight-or-flight response are allowed to completely reset, resulting in long-term relief of the associated anxiety symptoms.

Is it a cure to PTSD?

No, but it controls the symptoms so clients are more open to the benefits of an individualized treatment plan developed by Elk River’s multidisciplinary treatment team. Once a client is relieved of the fight-or-flight response, cognitive functions and concentration improve and the client’s ability to engage in treatment accelerates the therapeutic progress.

Included in this 90 day co-ed program for ages 12 - 19:

  • SGB every two weeks for four weeks
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy / frequency determined by treatment plan
  • Ketamine treatment for anxiety and depression / frequency determined by treatment plan
  • Procedure performed by Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Co-Founder of Elk River Treatment Program
  • Charles Lee, M.D. using fluoroscopy or guided ultrasound to locate stellate ganglion. Dr. Lee is a co-founder of Elk River Treatment Program.

Clients benefit from Elk River's holistic approach to wellness:

  • Utilizing evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Physician-directed medication management
  • Medical supervision
  • Individualized treatment plan developed by a multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Led by a Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Family therapy workshops
  • College-prep, accredited school staffed with highly qualified, state certified teachers

Contact info:

Contact our Director of Admissions Kathy Marino to discuss a potential client for this program: 256-518-9998 or 866-906-8336.

Private pay only. Elk River does not file insurance for this program.