Elk River Teen Treatment Program

AIR: The foundation for our residential treatment program

Teens cannot thrive without AIR: Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility

Parenting Teens by Modeling Integrity Leads to the Discovery of Authentic Self

Posted on October 14, 2020

After 28 years of counseling families and their teenagers through their most difficult times, Penny Baker, LPC-S, has seen her share of maladaptive behaviors exhibited by the clients of Elk River Treatment Program and the parents who enrolled them into the program. In this podcast, Penny shares a critical piece of the teen parenting puzzle: teaching integrity by what you do rather than what you say. Integrity is second component of the AIR concept which is an acronym for Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility. The AIR concept has been a mantra of Elk River Treatment Program for adolescents since opening in 2006. Today it remains a focal point of the treatment process.

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Instilling Accountability in Adolescents

Posted on October 12, 2020

When you finish this podcast, we hope you'll be willing to focus more on AIR, not just the air that you breathe, but the benefits of Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility. When unhealthy behaviors at home become unsafe, thousands of parents have turned to the therapeutic intervention of Elk River Treatment Program for adolescents. Often what the clinical team sees after evaluating an "out of control teenager", are critical components missing from their development: Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility. Today's episode focuses on accountability and how to teach, reinforce and share with families to develop a healthy value system.

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Avoid the Danger of Misunderstanding Anger

Posted on October 01, 2020

In our inaugural podcast, On AIR with Elk River challenges your thought process about anger. Penny Baker, Clinical Director for Elk River Treatment Program for adolescents, explains that anger is not an emotion. Once you understand that, you may realize that your raging teenager feels hurt, scared, disrespected, or treated unfairly.

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