Elk River Teen Treatment Program

Referring Therapists

Referral Information & Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Referring Therapists

What is my role in residential treatment?

We consider referring professionals, as well as the child's family, to be a part of the Treatment Team. All parties are instrumental in providing background information so that an individualized treatment plan can be developed for each client. With the parents' consent, we will keep you updated throughout the program in order to provide a smooth transition from admission to completion of Elk River Treatment Program.

Can I refer a client to Elk River Treatment Program?

Yes, Elk River Treatment Program has admitted boys and girls ages 12 to 18 from California to the Cayman Islands. We welcome referrals from across the U.S. from various professionals, hospitals, and facilities. Although we are not a crisis intervention program, we can expedite admission in some cases. The length of time from your call to admission is dependent on the family’s response to gathering records and completing the application.

How can I make a referral?

In general, there are three steps to referring a client to Elk River Treatment Program:

Step 1: Contact one of our admission counselors at 866-906-8336 or email [email protected]. Initial contact can be made by healthcare professionals or the client's parents.

Step 2: We gather information to explore the possibility of admission. Our admissions counselor provides detailed information about Elk River Treatment Program (ERTP). If requested, we gather insurance information to verify benefits.

Step 3: Once benefits are verified, we go over expected costs with the family. While we can verify insurance coverage, the actual authorization of days covered by insurance cannot be determined until face-to-face assessments are conducted at the facility.

Does Elk River Treatment Program accept insurance?

Yes. Elk River Treatment Program is in-network with Cigna, UBH/Optum, American Behavioral, and Beacon. We also have entered into single-case agreements with other insurance companies. ERTP is not a Medicaid Provider. We are here to help families navigate and understand insurance.

Note: Health benefits and mental health benefits may be administered by separate providers. For example, a client may present with BCBS, but his or her mental health benefits may be administered by Cigna, therefore ERTP would be an in-network provider.

Elk River's Typical Client Profiles

  • Anxiety, Depression and other mental health conditions and disorders
  • Substance Abuse and other dependencies such as Online Gaming
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • ADD, ADHD, Impulsivity
  • Defiance, ODD
  • Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical)
  • Adoption, Divorce, Family Dysfunction
  • Trauma, Grief, Attachment Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning Challenges, Poor School Performance
  • Obesity and other Eating Disorders