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Deciphering Drug Slang to Deter Use

DEA's reference guide for law enforcement helps parents identify drug use

Drug Slang Names Commonly Used by Teens

June 22, 2020

In 2018, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) published an intelligence report with new and updated information on drug slang names from a variety of law enforcement and open sources. The report is designed as a reference guide for law enforcement personnel who are inundated with ever-changing slang and code words used to buy and sell illegal substances.

It is a good idea for parents to familiarize themselves with common drug slang to flag potential drug use in their home. Through early intervention in a child's drug use, parents can prevent years of family dysfunction, protect their child’s maturing brain and literally save their child’s life. See Brain Development, Teen Behavior and Preventing Drug Use by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit committed to providing answers for families concerned about drug use.

The cumulative report spans the entire country so some drug slang used in Alabama may seem foreign to individuals living in Alaska. However, if you stumble upon or intercept a message directed to or from your teen and find yourself scratching your head trying to decipher the meaning – this drug slang list might come in handy.

DEA Intelligence Report: Slang Words

Help if Early Intervention Fails

If your attempts at early intervention fail, call one of our admissions counselors at Elk River Treatment Program. We have decades of experience working with teenagers and their families as they address and overcome obstacles like substance use disorders. Usually drug use is a symptom of an underlying mental health issue and both should be treated concurrently. Elk River Treatment Program specializes in dual diagnosis treatment for young men and women ages 12 - 18. Contact us today. We can help.