Elk River Teen Treatment Program

Infectious Disease Protocols in Place

Well-established practices, policies and procedures protect our clients

An Important Message from our CEO

March 12, 2020

We want to assure you that Pinnacle Behavioral Health and its programs are committed to providing rigorous infectious disease protocols throughout the year as we provide the highest level of care for our young clients, their families and our staff.

Since 2006, we have served as a healthcare provider offering residential therapeutic and academic services to adolescents at our Elk River Treatment Program. We have always provided a fully staffed and equipped medical clinic on our 120-acre campus. Prospective clients are closely screened prior to admission and existing clients are evaluated throughout the day by a registered nurse.

Pinnacle Behavioral Health has well-established practices, policies and procedures that maintain the national Gold Standard of Approval by The Joint Commission and our state licensing agency.

Examples of our standard precautions at our private school, outpatient and residential facilities include:

  • Mandatory infectious disease prevention training for all employees
  • Ongoing emergency preparedness training for all employees
  • Proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials and bio-waste
  • Rigorous standards of cleanliness

In early 2020, we began to take additional pre-emptive measures that include daily sanitizing of all surfaces, monitoring of individuals’ temperature and travel history, and limiting visitors to our facilities. All visitors/families who are approved for visitation on campus are screened prior to the visit, and again before exiting their vehicles when they arrive on campus.

Please rest assured that Pinnacle Behavioral Health has always been prepared for challenging times like these. We continue to follow strict health and safety protocol required by our accrediting and licensing agencies, as well as recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

I assure you that our commitment to safety will continue and our communication to the public will be open. Please contact me with any concerns or questions.

Karen Lee, CEO and President
Elk River Treatment Program
A Program of Pinnacle Behavioral Health, Inc.
Huntsville, Alabama
[email protected]
(256) 518-9998 | 866-906-TEEN (8336)