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How To Select a Teen Treatment Center

October 22, 2015

If you are the caregiver of a troubled teen and have begun researching youth treatment centers, you’ve likely discovered that the choices are overwhelming. There are many different treatment environments available. An admission counselor at the Elk River Treatment Program will help you clear the clutter.

Types of Youth Treatment Centers

Hospital-based inpatient programs suggest illness as opposed to the structured daily therapies, emotional support and sanctuary that is found at the Elk River Treatment Program (ERTP). Our program provides clients with the best available medical and therapeutic care, complemented by an accredited academic program to ensure a smooth transition to their primary school after treatment. Successful youth treatment centers like ERTP achieve success by utilizing a comprehensive treatment approach with the support of a professional, ethical and caring staff.

The best way to describe ERTP is to describe what it isn’t. ERTP is NOT a lock-down facility, boot camp, wilderness program, military academy or boarding school. ERTP is a safe, therapeutic alternative to programs that are strictly discipline focused, and is an excellent precursor to military school or boarding school.

Teen Boot Camps

Typically short-term (usually 30 days), boot camps are not designed for teens with emotional or behavioral problems. Boot camps are often state run as a substitute for juvenile detention centers and are designed for youth with hard-core problems such as violence or delinquency. Boot camps do not provide treatment services and do not offer follow up services or parent support.

Intervention or Brat Camps

Another term related to wilderness programs or boot camps is Brat Camp. Typically, brat camps offer little or no follow up care, are not schools, and are not for violent or seriously troubled teens. Sometimes called an intervention camp, brat camps are used to “shock” teens into realizing their parents are needed and deserve respect.

Military Academy

Many teens excel with the discipline and structure provided by military educational institutions. Youth that may have been unfocused in their past educational pursuits find new focus and a sharper vision of their future by attending military academies. After completing a therapeutic program like Elk River Treatment Program, a military academy is an excellent next step to further promote self-confidence, leadership and accountability.

Most military educational institutions help teens develop self-confidence, leadership and accountability. Cadets are expected to attend all classes on time and to give instructors their full attention. Course work is expected to be turned in correctly and on time. High expectations are a fact of life in a military academy.

Graduates of ERTP often transition well into a military academy. In order to successfully complete the Elk River Treatment Program, individuals must have addressed the core issues that resulted in negative behaviors and replaced those behaviors with new and appropriate choices. Many teens flourish with the routine and order of campus life, have gained momentum in school, and are ready for the next phase in their life when they leave ERTP. Our graduates are excellent candidates for a military academy.

Boarding Schools

A boarding school is a school where some or all students study and live during the school year with fellow students and possibly teachers or administrators. Some boarding schools also have day students who attend the institution by day and return off-campus to their families in the evenings.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding Schools however, offer an educational program with specialized structure and supervision for students with emotional and behavioral problems, substance abuse or learning difficulties. Similar to ERTP, the focus of a therapeutic boarding school is on emotional and academic recovery although the length of stay at a boarding school is much longer than ERTP. Parents should thoroughly research the therapeutic and educational approach of a therapeutic boarding schools since the term is very broad. Our admission advisers can offer program suggestions based on our research, parent feedback and personal visits to other programs.

Graduates of ERTP transition well to a boarding school. Negative behaviors have been addressed and graduates are ready for the next phase of their emotional and educational growth. ERTP graduates hold themselves accountable, are accustomed to the routine and order of campus life and have gained momentum in school. Our graduates are excellent candidates for a boarding school.

For more information about youth treatment centers or specifically the Elk River Treatment Program, contact one of our caring professionals at 866-906-TEEN (8336) or send a confidential email to [email protected].