therapeutic residential programs for teenagers

Preparing Teens To Return Home

The Transitions Program offers residents an opportunity to develop confidence and prove to themselves they are ready to return home.

Elk River Transitions

Transitions is a less restricted residential therapeutic program for graduates of the Elk River Treatment Program.

Elk River Transitions provides a safe residential environment for residents to strengthen the therapeutic and academic gains made while in the Elk River Treatment Program (ERTP) or similar program. Sometimes after successfully completing ERTP, a resident may require additional time to work with counselors or complete academic courses.

The length of stay in the Transitions Program is determined by the identification of solid goals for the resident. The achievement of these goals is facilitated by strong relationships with a professional, competent and caring staff who work with the resident and his/her family as well as the family therapist.

We believe parents are an essential part of the treatment team. Parents work closely with the treatment team to understand their child’s progress while at Elk River. Parents and professional referral sources (if parents permit) receive weekly progress reports from the resident’s primary therapist.

Residents of Elk River Transitions:

  • Attend group, individual and family therapy sessions
  • Continue their education
  • Participate in Equine Assisted Learning
  • Earn weekly phone calls home
  • Visit family regularly
  • Earn periodic off-campus field trips with their Transitions' peers. Transitions residents may volunteer for community service projects
  • Learn budgeting with funds provided by parents
  • May correspond with family outside of immediate family and friends (with parent approval)
  • Earn additional privileges (music, books, etc.)